Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crows Nest Barber Shop

I've had my eye on this barber shop in Kensington Market for some time. I finally got my hair cut there today.
The Crows Nest Barber Shop is ultra cool, with very friendly barbers. But if you want a haircut be sure to make an appointment, because these guys are very busy.
I've never seen art magazines in a barber shop before. That's Wolfgang Tillmans, one of my favourite photographers on the cover of that magazine -- an excellent omen!
Here are two of the barbers at work. I was too shy to take proper portraits, even though the barbers were very approachable and encouraged me to take pictures. I love this shrine to a hair product called Layrite -- well, that name explains itself.
I left with a great longish crew cut. I will definitely be back.

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