Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Lunch

Bill and I celebrated our 27th anniversary yesterday on the 1st day of the New Year. It was raining so we caught the streetcar up to Queen Street West. I liked the look of this tractor but it didn't look good through the camera. I handed the camera to Bill and he got the picture.
The slick streets made everything look gorgeous, especially this rickshaw.
There was plenty of evidence of New Year's Eve reveling. Evidently this person  had had enough of it all.
The Shanghai Cowgirl Diner was absolutely packed when we walked in at one o'clock
but we spotted and empty table for two. The Cowgirl had laid in lots of staff for New Years Day so we had excellent service. Their service is always excellent anyway and so warm and friendly.
Bill had a classic burger and fries. I had their spinach salad with sauteed mushrooms and peppers. Yum!
People watching was fun.
The rain had let up when we stepped outside but all the surfaces were still reflective so we decided to walk for awhile and look for pictures.
Is this another sign of last night's revelry -- layers of posters torn and slashed and now hanging limp in the rain.
The owner of Cabaret Vintage Boutique always has such great window displays.
We joined the mannequins in bravely facing the new year.
We walked as far as Trinity Bellwoods Park. It started to rain again so we hopped on the TTC to get back to our cozy nest for the rest of the afternoon. 


  1. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary - (and Happy New Year) to you both.
    I'm enjoying your blog as always. It's delightful.

  2. Hey, Q. Great to have you onboard! All the best in the new year! Thanks for dropping by.