Monday, January 17, 2011

Clear, cold, Sunday

It was a clear, cold day in January. It was too cold to ride our bikes, so we walked along the lake shore on our way to catch the Spadina streetcar.
The ice on the lake was thin enough to seem to breath as the water swelled under it. That's the reflection of the Malting Plant silos.
We caught the Spadina car north and got out in Chinatown. The Pho Hung was unusually quiet for a Sunday afternoon.
Shelley Savor introduced us to what is now one of Bill's favourite Vietnamese lunches -- two kinds of pork on rice with a fried egg. 
I love their rice with sauteed vegetables.
Clearly we are at the melting point but it sure felt a lot colder than that.
Bill slipped into Cora's Kitchen on Kensington Avenue for a sweet. I stayed out on the sidewalk and took this picture. The next moment a car pulled up and parked right in front of the dog. (Please click on the pics to see them larger.)
Waiting for Bill outside the grocery store on Augusta Avenue I was taking pictures without looking through the camera when this handsome guy walked right into my headlights.
Bill and I had a look at the books at She Said Boom on College Street, then waited to cross Bathurst with this couple. I hadn't meant for these two pictures to go together but they do. Bill found a book of Dore illustrations at Balfour Books then we hurried home to our cozy nest.

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