Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Visit with Reta Kimber

Bill and I had a nice visit to St Catharines, Sunday, to visit his mother, Reta. We had a walk around downtown before we met her. I love the way St Paul Street curves here. Look how intact the defunct downtown buildings are.
This used to be a coffee shop beside the Leonard Hotel
Here's Bill prowling James Street
Window of Stella's, James Street
Bill and I are sorry we missed The Permtones. Do you think they all have perms? From this year's Summer Concerts at Montebello Park.
I thought Reta might be amused to have her picture taken before I'd even said hello. She knows I'm crazy, but invites me over anyway.
I've just picked up the camera off the table and am pointing it at her and snapping the shutter. She's amused.
We're all ready to go out and share a pizza at Coppola's -- Reta's favourite local Italian restaurant. This is the mirror in the hall. The painting behind us was left to her by her sister-in-law, and dear friend, Betty Storin.

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