Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Procession in Rome

No, we haven't returned to Rome in body, only in soul and even more so in more stories and pictures from our stay last May/June. Actually, the day before John and I left Rome, the city was steamy hot. We lunched in the Ghetto and as we walked back towards Largo Argentino, I stopped to take this photo of a man drinking and splashing his face from one of the city's many public fountains. In the distance we heard singing and hurried towards Piazza Mattei.
What we encountered was magical. A West African Christian Church procession was filling the narrow street of Via di Sant'Ambrogio. Every 20 feet or so, the girls in blue gowns would stop, turn around and run toward the cross throwing metallic confetti. The effect was magical.
Then the women would turn back to the street ahead and lead the group in their journey.
Here the women in blue are sprinkling the cross with confetti again at the gate to their church compound.
The group entered the gates into a courtyard and then into a church and we the onlookers were ushered back into the street. A beautiful farewell to Rome on our last day there. So exotic, so gorgeous. Thank you!

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