Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Museo Barracco, Rome

On one of our last days in Rome last June, John and I visited the wonderful Museo Barracco. It is housed in the charming, miniature Palazzo Piccola Farnesina at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 168 near the Campo de' Fiori market.
The palazzo was built in 1523 by a French clergyman, Thomas Le Roy, and now houses the truly beautiful, small collection of Assyrian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculpture of Baron Giovanni Barracco. It's a must see!
The well-cared for little palace is worth a visit on its own. We found it quiet and livable despite its location on the busy Corso.
And the collection of sculpture, like this one of Hermes with a ram, is one of those small, exquisite collections of art that we so love.
This long gallery has Greek and Roman sculpure, often busts and portraits.
An exception is this 5th century BC funerary stele with its gorgeous relief sculpture.
I loved this elegant-looking original Greek relief of Bacchantes in ectasy. Note that they are tearing animals apart in their frenzy!
John loved this Roman copy of a Greek youth in marble.
And this head of Apollo.
My personal favourite of the busts was this charming Etruscan head. I'd sit next to this fun-loving fellow on the bus.
Rather than next to this stern-looking Roman portrait bust.
Here's John admiring small Greek sculptures in a cabinet.
and this Classic Greek female profile were amongst the pieces in that cabinet. When next in Rome don't forget to visit this lovely, relatively unvisited collection.


  1. It's so delightful to get back to Rome for a few days with you two. Thanks for sharing more of your lovely holiday.

  2. It's a pleasure for us to return to Rome as well. We still have stories to tell and pictures to share! Enjoy!