Monday, July 12, 2010

Lakeside Terrace

Bill and I spent the Canada Day long-weekend at Lakeside Terrace on the shore of Lake Huron at Kincardine, Ontario. We arrived at sunset on the Thursday night in time to catch the town's official firework display. My sister, Linda, and her husband, Peter, run the place as a bed and breakfast. This weekend was reserved for family.
The next morning we got to see the place in the light. The guest rooms are on the second floor, with their own deck. The splendid terraced lawns and gardens are only separated from the beach by a footpath. We all gathered on the ground floor, in the shade of the deck, for Linda's famous waffles.
Linda's secret waffle recipe, topped with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and blueberries. Delicous!
Ella, my niece Kim's toddler, checking out the waffles.
My brother, Tom, in the middle, with his wife, Kim and his daughter, Caitlin. That's Peter looking uncharacteristically serious on the right.
Is there anything more life-restoring than coffee in the morning? Me and Linda.
Here's a view of the enormous lawn and garden that leads down to the beach from the upper terrace.
FIFA soccer fever was running high, but not for me, ha ha! Friday, 2 July 2010, some teams were playing. Help me out here!
I was too busy watching the kids. That's Ella and her mother, Kim; on the left, Cooper, with his dad, Dave, husband of one of my other nieces, Lisa. Got that? There is nothing like two new toddlers to make a family gathering.
Only babies can make drool look good. Cooper is experiencing major teething.

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