Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kincardine Dunes

Probably most people who grew up in Ontario have fond memories of the sand dunes that line the Great Lakes. John and I are no exception.
A walk along the boardwalk that edges the Kincardine sand dunes was full of nostalgia for both of us.
The rolling landscape, paths and native grasses that lead down to the beach are charming.
Look at the lovely grey-green of these grasses.
The clumps of trees help contain the sand and offer welcome shade,
although the occasional bared roots attest to the power of the shifting sands.
Fencing is used to further contain the ever-changing terrain.
Glimpses of happy families arriving at the beach along the paths reminded us of our youth. No wonder the communities like Kincardine are dedicated to preserving such natural treasures.

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  1. Great story, Bill. I got a big hit of nostalgia reading it. Great selection of pictures, too.