Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kincardine Beaches

We became quite familiar with the changes in the beaches south of Kincardine harbour. Let's start at a point just south of Goderich Street where we find a little grassy cove favoured by ducks and seagulls.
It's a quiet spot traversed by rivulets of run-off water through the sand.
Here we're looking towards the harbour in the distance.
The Goderich Street old-style cottages have wooden staircases leading down to  a pebble beach.
The pebbles end just at about where the grounds of Lakeview Terrace, our "home" in Kincardine, lead down to the beach.
Look! There's Peter attempting to satisfy Phinnegan's indefatigable urge to fetch.
The tracks on the sandy beaches here testify to the pleasures of a man and his dog even in the quiet mornings.
It is here that the sand dunes line the beach
and most families choose to enjoy the waters just below the Kincardine Harbour pier. For us nothing can beat that charming stroll where the beach meets Lake Huron.

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