Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trionfale Market

On Tuesday morning, John and I took the Metro A to the Cipro Station to visit the wonderful Mercato Trionfale on Via Andria Doria in the Prati neighbourhood. It's a cook's paradise of produce.
We were quickly attracted to this fellow's strawberries. We've been swooning over the strawberries we've tried in Rome and we bought 4 containers of his wares straight off. He gave us cherries to taste and they were the best cherries we have ever eaten. So, naturally, we walked on without buying any. But before we left, we had found our way back and bought his biggest container. They are stunningly delicious and sweet.
Next we bought some of the lovely little tomatoes available at this stall.
Crisp looking aspargus is showing up in all the markets.
 I had an urge to roast some of these tempting sweet peppers but really our little oven at our apartment probably isn't up to the task. Aren't they beautiful!
 Just look at how fresh this chicory is. I must give it try when it shows up on the lunch menus of one of our favourite restaurants. I don't really know what to do with it. Steamed? In a salad?
 The cheese stalls in this huge, covered market are equally provocative. How about that hill of ricotta or the cheese aged in ferns above. My mouth was watering throughout our visit.
What about these skewers of sweet pepper, bay leaves, sausages and mixed meats all ready for the grill? Hungry yet?
This lucky lady is tasting this wonderful pork roasted in rosemary. We bought some recently in the Testaccio Market and have been eating it with pasta, pesto and tomato salad for days. Yum!!
Add the incredible hospitality and warmth of the Romans like this daughter and father butcher team and the Trionfale Market is a place you don't want to miss when in Rome. Just do as the Romans do!
When we got home John put our booty from this morning out on the terrace table for a portrait to cherish when we return to Toronto. Lovely, eh?


  1. I love the idea of italian sausages on skewers. I must steal that idea for my barbie this summer.

  2. With bay leaves in between, as illustrated. We must get you a bay tree. Ours has over-wintered for a decade.