Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Orto Botanico, Rome

On Via Corsini, just out of the northern gate to Trastevere, we visited the beautiful Orto Botanico, a botanical garden second only to its colleague in Padua.
Originally the gardens of the Palazzo Corsini, the botanical gardens have been owned by the University of Rome since 1983. Here John is about to enter the gates.
The shaded entrance paths are lined with fragments of original Roman portrait sculpture. They made lovely garden ornaments.
The main entrance path leads to a Baroque fountain set amidst exotic palm trees. The plants in the garden are carefully grouped and identified by family.
Soon the garden begins to climb the Janiculum Hill. Here we find the Rose Garden terraces in full bloom.
It was here that we encountered this noble resident; the master of all he surveys. The cats of Rome flourish in the ruins and gardens of the Eternal City.
Further up the incline, Bill wanders through a forest of bamboo.
Coming full circle we passed the greenhouses featuring orchid varieties and the herb garden to the Cacti gardens near the Palazzo. Soon we'd left the gardens and returned to the narrow streets of Trastevere through the Porta Settimiana.

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