Sunday, June 27, 2010


Every evening around 7 p.m., Bill and I would go for a stroll, joining the Romans in their passegiatta. When we wandered over to the via Condotti and the Spanish Steps our path would take us past Giolitti, who have been serving some of Rome's most highly regarded gelato since 1900.
 It's on a narrow, cobblestone, completely pedestrian street.
On weekends, it's packed with satisfied customers wandering off with their cones, or sitting or standing out the front, watching the world go by.
That's my cone on the left, chocolate fondant gelato, with a dash of whipped cream. Bill's already half-eaten cone has the same kind of chocolate paired with a scoop of orange gelato. Chocolate Fondant is the darkest of the dark chocolates, unbelievably delicious.
These shoppers are walking toward Giolitti. We pass them on our way to the Spanish Steps, against the light, casting our own long shadows.

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