Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to Enoteca Corsi

Bill and I were tired and hungry -- after a great picture-taking morning at the wonderful Trionfale Market in the Prati neighbourhood. By the time we returned, we were late for lunch at the Enoteca Corsi, but they found a table for us.
 Sarah took our order and delivered the goods. She also asked to borrow our camera to record her impression of the Tomatoes From Canada. Here we are, halfway through our meal, and happily enjoying another wonderful lunch of traditional Roman cuisine.
Here's Bill's baked halibut when it was placed before him. He placed it before me (briefly!) so I could take the picture.
Spaghetti Carbonara wasn't on the menu, but when we had been discussing our options with Sarah, she had suggested it, and I wondered how they would prepare it. It was scrumptious. In Canada, Bill and I make this with bacon, but in Rome they use panchetta -- a cured pork -- so full of flavour.
I noticed Claudia chatting with her mother, Rita, who was working as the cashier, and I wanted to include her. Here are the two of them.
Dessert was this ultra-thin and flaky pastry with custard and wild-strawberries. Romans have created a cult of the tiniest, most flavourful, wild strawberries. I asked Claudia if she had made it and told me this was Sarah's cake. "I showed her how to do it, and now she is better than me." I told her that I had shown Bill how to work our camera and now he was better than me, too. Claudia said, "It is always this way. From now on, we must be silent," and she put her finger to her lips.
It was very late by this time, by Italian standards, and the kitchen staff (family?) had gathered around this table for some quality time together. They consented to a portrait, to be posted here. Thank you Mary, for explaining why I was suddenly up from my seat, grinning madly, and pointing a camera at them.
Here is the front of the house -- the women who represent the Enoteca Corsi to the public -- Sarah, Rita, Claudia and Mary. Whenever you are in Rome, put yourself in their hands some lunchtime. You will be glad you did.

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