Saturday, June 5, 2010

Arrivederci Enoteca Corsi

Enoteca Corsi, delicious, authentic Roman cuisine, brought to your table by savvy, charming waitstaff. Evidence above, my stuffed zucchini with roasted potatoes, all in a sauce that I soaked up after I ate this with their delicious bread.
Here's Bill's entree -- a cold, summer dish. Under a sauce of homemade mayonnaise blended with tuna, is the tenderest veal. Again, the sauce was so delicious that it cried out to be soaked up with the bread.
When we arrived, Claudia was helping Sarah add layers to Sarah's wild strawberry, custard cake. Claudia warned us not to eat to much because we would not be allowed to leave without trying Sarah's layer cake, Robbin's apple pie and Claudia's own, experiment-of-the-minute -- a raspberry torte.
Here's Sarah with her divine wild strawberry layer cake.
You've seen this before, in posts below. It is even more delicious than it looks. Divine!
Hey dessert fans, here's Robbin's apple pie with pine nuts, cardamom and mascarpone cheese. Are you ready to die? Hang on to life, because the staff aren't finished with us/you yet.
Here's Claudia's raspberry torte. She threw it together on a whim. "I'm not sure I'll be able to make it again." Mascarpone cheese with fruit and ?????? -- all on a crisp crust that was truly to die. 
To die or to live. By this time Bill and I were losing track. Mary brought complimentary Limoncello, with ice, and Vin Santo to compliment the dessert experience. Help yourself.
Here is Bill, pouring me the last of our liter of white wine, to clear the way for our ultimate surrender to the Enoteca's hospitality.
Meanwhile, at the table next to ours, meet Mary Ellen
and her husband, Milton, visiting Rome from New York City, brought to this restaurant by the Eyewitness Guide. When Mary asked them if they would like to follow their meal with a dolce (a sweet), they unhesitatingly ordered Claudia's Raspberry Whim.
We ate at the Enoteca Corsi on our first day in Rome, a month ago. We were so impressed by the warmth of the staff that we came back many times. This was our last meal before our return to Canada. I grabbed my camera to catch Mary, Robbin, Claudia and Bill.
Then Robbin took my camera to catch Bill and I with the girls. The guidebooks are right. When you come to Rome, and you are exhausted by your morning wander through the art and the noise and the chaos that is Rome, remember the restorative power of a good lunch in a family-run place that prides itself on the quality of it's warmth and hospitality.


  1. I hope your last day of this trip was calm and not stressful.
    I am sure this is not your last trip to Rome though!

  2. That rasberry torte looks to die for! But the question is... how many pounds have you gained during your stay in Rome?! I bet your waistlines are feeling it, even though you both look slim and trim in your photos. You also look gloriously happy. But how can you not be surrounded by food like that and gorgeous new friends!?

  3. We must step on the scales tomorrow. Hadn't thought of that.
    We were martyrs to our research, so we tried to gain some weight for all the little people out there.
    Our last day was strangely serene. We were happy and grateful. Rome seems like a friend we have just started to get to know.

  4. John, Such great pix of the food...makes us want to eat our laptop screen. Great meeting you and Bill over lunch. You must make him try the Trippa next time.

    Milton and Mary Ellen

  5. We're glad you like the pics! I wonder if we'll ever have the courage to try the tripe?
    Great meeting you, too! Enjoy being home in NYC. We're going to come by in early October to see that Matisse show. Maybe we'll run into you. It is a small world.