Monday, January 25, 2010

A Walk with Uncle Lynx

Uncle Lynx and I went for a walk today, starting at She Said Boom on College Street and ending on Queen Street. The forecast rain never happened and the temperatures were a balmy 5 degrees. While the Lynx was taking this picture of St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields, I was gazing into the reflections of this car.

At the European Meat Market in Kensington Market I was attracted to this cabinet, while Bill was buying ground beef for Shepherds' Pie.

He suggested a picture of the Kensington sign.

After lunch at the Pho Hung, John tried some Kinnearing down Spadina Avenue and got himself in a window.

Bill decided to take a picture of the buildings at Queen and Spadina. While waiting for the traffic to arrange itself he shot this item behind frosted glass.

On Queen Street, Bill pointed out the fabulous, gilded fabric in a shop window. Hey, there's Uncle Lynx.

Then he took the camera to shoot this pic of Original, a local vintage clothing shop.

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