Saturday, January 30, 2010


Bill and I made a very short trip uptown today. Too cold to dilly-dally. We had lunch at Kos then slipped into My Market Bakery looking for a snack.
Bill nudged me in Chinatown and suggested I shoot this ad. Thanks, Bill!
Doorway glimpsed as we headed south in search of Mountain Co-op.

At the Reference Library

I had my camera at work on Thursday. I'd had my eye on this empty display window at my local Starbucks so it was nice to get to take a picture of it.
Toronto Reference Library's west-facing windows looked quietly gorgeous today after the sun came out flooding the space with a dappled light.
The staff at the TRL Picture Collection, on the second floor of the library, have just put out their Valentine's Day display. It was inspired by this card.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Walk with Uncle Lynx

Uncle Lynx and I went for a walk today, starting at She Said Boom on College Street and ending on Queen Street. The forecast rain never happened and the temperatures were a balmy 5 degrees. While the Lynx was taking this picture of St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields, I was gazing into the reflections of this car.

At the European Meat Market in Kensington Market I was attracted to this cabinet, while Bill was buying ground beef for Shepherds' Pie.

He suggested a picture of the Kensington sign.

After lunch at the Pho Hung, John tried some Kinnearing down Spadina Avenue and got himself in a window.

Bill decided to take a picture of the buildings at Queen and Spadina. While waiting for the traffic to arrange itself he shot this item behind frosted glass.

On Queen Street, Bill pointed out the fabulous, gilded fabric in a shop window. Hey, there's Uncle Lynx.

Then he took the camera to shoot this pic of Original, a local vintage clothing shop.

Afternoon party

Here is our living room, warm and cozy on a rainy Sunday afternoon, all ready for our guests.

And here is the guest of honour, Roger Wood, artist and clockmaker, who has recently relocated his Klockwerks workshop to nearby Hamilton. We all miss him. (Find him here. Be sure to sign up for his endlessly inventive newsletter.)

Student and local musician, Cal Woodruff, oozing his signature cool.

Then it was all over except for the washing up. For some reason I always enjoy the washing up -- so meditative. And its so satisfying to see the clean dishes afterward. I'm not a Virgo for nothing!

Reta's party - Formal

As the guests arrived at Reta Kimber's 90th Birthday Party and there was still natural light, they sat for a formal portrait with the Birthday-Girl.

Here's Reta with her good friend, Zeta Ostrosser.

Bill's nephew, Ryan, took this portrait of the official photographers, Bill and John.

Here's Ryan and his partner, Danika and her daughter, Lily, and below Reta's nephew, David Kimber with his wife, Helga, and finally  her niece, Mary Catherine Kenworthy.

Once, John had documented Reta with her children, Bill, Len and Kathy the formalities ended and the real party began.

Reta's Party - Informal

Reta's 90th Birthday party was a great success with everyone sitting down to a great meal and then relaxing and visiting around the dinner table. Reta and her friend, Zeta, sat together throughout and had a great chat.

It had been over 45 years since Bill had seen his cousin, Larry Brooks, and the first time he'd met his cousin, Mary Ellen Brooks.

Reta's great-granddaughter, Heather and her brother, Eric, were looking good.

Reta's great-granddaughters and grandsons were glowing with youthful beauty and good spirits (and often digital gameplayers) around the table.

A good time was had by all.

Above we see the Brooks' girls; Valerie and Lorraine, wives of cousins Walter and Larry, and the baby of the Brooks clan, Mary Ellen.

The festivities reached a climax with the blowing out of the candles by the Birthday Girl.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Before the Party

John and Bill visited Reta Kimber at her home before going to her 90th Birthday Party. Reta opened gifts from her friend, Anna, and from Bill and John before heading to the bash.

Curious about Anna's mystery gift, Reta began by unpacking a beautiful bouquet of  artificial flowers which she immediately put in her front window.

Then she squealed as she opened Anna's "mystery gift", a pair of Dorothy's Ruby slippers.

In no time Reta was trying them on.

A bit high of heel for the lady but picture perfect and a wonderful momento.

Then before dressing for her Birthday Bash, the Birthday-girl opened Bill and John's gift of a pearl bracelet and gave it her full supermodel treatment.

Soon, after putting on her party dress, we three were picked up by Len and Merla Kimber and whisked off to the big event.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Reta's 90th

Bill's vivacious mother, Reta Kimber, turned 90 on January 4th, and celebrated with friends and family on the 17th. Bill painted a big birthday card so that all the guests at the party could sign it.