Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CNE 2009

Uncle Lynx and I went to the Canadian National Exhibition last Sunday and I still felt a thrill as I walked through the Princess Gates and onto the exhibition ground. My parents took me there when I was a kid, every year for many years, so the connection is deep.
We wanted to experiment with Kinnearing: taking pictures without looking through the camera, just holding it and aiming it. We hoped this would make our photography less visible, and we've also found the framing is sometimes much better by chance than what we do by eye. These experiments have been made possible by our buying a digital camera. If the Kinneared picture doesn't turn out, we can delete it without paying for film.
Results were looking promising.

I love the CNE!


  1. Agree totally. I've got one of those with a swivel screen which means very often I can still look at what I'm taking without the subject noticing.
    Nice pics!

  2. Thanks, rarecat! I like the idea of a swivel screen. Would be fun. Thanks for writing!