Thursday, September 17, 2009

Starbucks no 2

We were thrilled not to find him there this morning. Starbucks was playing Sgt. Pepper on the PA -- lucky staff! Midway between "Fixing a Hole" an elderly woman came in with a walker. She made a barking sound at the girls behind the counter & offered them fresh bananas so they would let her use the washroom. Later, on her way out she barked at the person going out ahead of her, who walked out anyway, oblivious. The door closed in front of her. She barked again and Mr. Foul Language, who had been there all the time, but out of sight leapt up to help her. Impressive!

But he was slower than Bill, who was already at the door. Mr. FL patted the woman on the back as she left and gave Bill a warm smile. Bill came back and sat down. He said, "Well, now I'm Number One in HIS book!"


  1. Thanks goodness for politeness!
    Enjoy your trip, and avoid bearing the brunt of Mr FL.
    (are there any local coffee purveyors nearby? The kind that grind coffee every 10 min, and roast hand-picked beans every two hours? You are in coffee culture capital after all.)
    hugs Lisa R-R

  2. The problem with our area is that all the convenience and local coffee places have been squeezed out by giant Pradas, Hermes, Armani A/X, etc. So we have to travel far for essentials like water and beer, but could get a fabulous beaded dress shirt.