Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Food Building Sign

This sign is one of my strongest early memories of the Canadian National Exhibition from when I first set eyes on it as an impressionable 8 year old. It looked so modern! And I loved everything modern. And they still look modern.

Do you have early memories of the Food Building? When I was a kid it meant Tom Thumb miniature donuts cooked fresh by a machine. How exciting to see those donuts come off the miniature assembly line and into a paper bag for me to eat!

The Food Building meant getting free miniature Coke bottles and free food samples. I remember wolfing those food samples down with a volcano-shaped container of Coca Cola in The Loblaws Theatre, watching cooking demonstrations on the brightly lit stage, flirting with mild insulin shock. It was a lovely feeling! It wasn't the Ex if you didn't throw up at some point! Was that your Ex? :)

Now when I look at this lettering it reminds me of the paintings of Ed Ruscha. If you know his stuff, you'll know what I mean. Here's a good example.

Here's a link to Edward Ruscha's Catalogue Raisonné.


  1. I like the letters very much!
    I think I did not go to the CNE until I was maybe 9? One of my uncles drove a giant convertible across the continent and he took my sister and I there. It was very impressive.
    I totally agree on the amazing mini-doughnut machine.
    We probably did not make the most of the CNE as I am not a roller coaster person and my out-of-town uncle didn't know the CNE ropes.
    Did you also go to the Royal Winter Fair?
    Lisa RR

  2. I never went to the Royal Winter Fair as a kid. I only started to go when I was living here. I love to see the farm kids with their animals. Generally they are busy grooming their creatures, so I can often take some nice portraits. I love the animals too. City boys like me don't get to see many goats.

  3. The food building is one of my strongest memories of the ex. I remember those donuts well - did I see you in line one time?

  4. I wonder. "Tiny Ted", "Tiny Tims" donuts? I'm going to have to Google this ish! :)