Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Birthday Ever

I woke up 54 years old to a hilarious birthday card drawn and painted by William Kimber depicting the two of us in high hippie drag for our own "September of Love".

The Saturday morning market at the Ferry Building was in full swing when we arrived to sample the delicious fresh peaches, plums and tomatoes being given away. This guy shared samples of his local plums. They were the best plums we've ever eaten.

It's no wonder California cooks felt compelled to create an indigenous cuisine using their own superb produce.

We made our way up to North Beach and Vesuvio Bar, where we joined the ghosts of Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg in several rounds of drinks.

We rather wheeled into City Lights Books where Bill bought me Kerouac's "Scripture of the Golden Eternity": my next great read.

We plopped ourselves down at Panterei and the waitress brought us a plate of bruscetta. When she took the empty plate away she said, "I can tell you didn't like it".

Two plates of lasagna returned soul to body so we were in fine shape for our walk back to our hotel and the bliss of siesta.


  1. Glad you had such a fabulous birthday, you deserve it!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! This trip is turning out to be a very relaxing, pleasant vacation.

  3. Happy belated birthday Uncle John.


  4. Yer welcome! I have wonderful memories of it, aided by these pictures.