Monday, November 11, 2013

Toronto Antiquarian Book Fair 2013

The book fair people rented the Baillie Court this year -- the classy event space Frank Gehry created on the 3rd floor of the Art Gallery of Ontario. Being there reminded John and I how much we love Gehry's renovation of the AGO.
The Fair is international with book sellers from the USA and Great Britain as well as across Canada.
Especially rare books were locked in these displays.
A first edition of Jude the Obscure in its original dust jacket.
Out of our range.
There were some nice illustrated books.
John Baldessari's Throwing Three Balls in the Air to get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts), Milan, 1973. $4000.
John was pleased to find a treasure -- an out-of-print copy of Big North,  a beautifully-designed Key Porter book about John Hartman one of our favourite painters.


  1. I really enjoyed it. Have fun at that book fairs.

  2. We loved the combination of the onsite and online bookfair. The combination was easy to use and gave our parents more flexibility to support our bookfair. I loved the option of having our online orders delivered to our school free of shipping. This service was greatly appreciated by many of our families, allowing them to feel they could order more books through the online book fairs

  3. I love reading books and attending book shows too. Couple of days ago, went to a book fair at one of local New York Event Venues. Found many interesting book there. Also purchased few of them. Really finding those amazing and interesting.