Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in Kincardine

One of the nicest things about my sister Linda's memorial celebration last weekend in Kincardine, Ontario, was the chance for Bill and I to connect with my nieces and their children.
 My niece Lisa, and her husband, Dave, wrangle their son, Cooper, into position for a portrait. My great-niece, Ella, looks on.
Cooper held this position for the few seconds it took me to take this picture. Dashing, isn't he?
 Bill bonded with our great-niece, Ella. He helped her get ready for Linda's memorial celebration.
Ella is such a little dreamboat!
Cooper is being led up from the beach, his pants soaked in lake water and crunchy with sand after helping construct a dam with his Uncle Chris.
 After the memorial we went for dinner to a local restaurant.
As always, the kids added so much.
It was also a pleasure to mix with my brother Tom's children, Caitlin and James. When did they become adults?
Lisa's husband, Dave, is always game for a bit of fun. Here the "fedora crew", Bill and Cooper, get their portrait.

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