Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chilly September Sunday

Bill and I rode our bikes uptown today. I had to stop on the Bathurst Bridge and have a look at where the land has been cleared for the "Library District Condos" on the old railroad lands.
The Go Train came in right at that moment.
We stopped into the Shanghai Cowgirl for brunch. Bill had fried rice with barbecued pork. I had bacon and eggs with home fries. I wondered what this dish would look like to our friends in Rome.
Bill drew my attention to the guy at the counter who appeared to be sitting on a dove.
When we got home I tried to read on the balcony but the cold and damp chased me back inside to my favourite spot on the couch. I got this Vogue Living book (Knopf, 2007) from the library last week and I've been saving it for this moment. Look at this gorgeous title page. That's François Halard's photo of her own Louis XVI bed on the left. In the book they call it a "lit à la polonaise". (Copyright © Condé Nash Archive.)
Look at the stunning Olatz Schnabel standing in her kitchen under her husband, Julian Schnabel's painting, Dentro Dite (1995). I'm thrilled that a big show of his work has just opened at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Maybe we'll go see it next week-end. (Photo by François Halard. Copyright © Condé Nash Archive.)
Let me show you one more picture. This is Cy Twombly's six year old standing in front of his father's painting Triumph of Galatea. How fabulous is that! (Photo by Horst P. Horst, Rome, 1966. Copyright © Condé Nash Archive.)
By the way, MarcoRmedia made me some photographic proofs last week towards a show I'm going to have in November. I had them propped up at the end of the couch. I think these are ready to print. I'll call them tomorrow.


  1. Looking forward to learning when the November show will be.

  2. Thanks, Rikki. I'll be sure to post something here. A brilliant friend is designing the invitation as we speak.