Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Party

Surprise guests at this year's  annual Summer Party were chefs,  Greg Couillard and David Nganga. I hadn't seen them since I took pictures for them when they were working together at Toronto's Spice Room. Greg is up from Mexico, where he's been cooking since last winter.
David is off to work in a boutique hotel run by his family in Nairobi. It was very gratifying to see them noshing down our party grub.
I had asked Brent Cehan to pose for me. I wanted to make him a better portrait for his Facebook page. This is nice.

Brent doesn't sit still for long. That's our photogenic living room with Bobert on the right.
It was nice to see Domenico DeFina, another buddy from work. I'm hoping to talking him into having a show in the gallery we have here in the building.
Brent took this picture of me. Enter talking. I like it. Thanks, Brent.
MAC, Harriet and Nellie: Three Graces.
Ali and his son Keedus. Don't say no to cake. It was a very lively party this year but I was too busy hosting to take more pictures. I wish I had!


  1. Dear tomatoes,
    How lovely it was - friends, famous guests and all - so sorry to have missed it year hopefully. Very quiet here in PA - a family of bunnies made a home on my doorstep while I was away.
    warm (but not humid) wishes,

  2. We missed you, Naomi. Maybe next year, or the next...