Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Get Small at the Louvre

Visit the Louvre in Paris and get small.
Like this.
Other visitors may also get small.
OK, a view from a height will often make people seem small, but Bill and I also found ourselves shrinking in the Louvre's French painting wing (Sully).
This room filled with paintings by Philippe de Champaigne (1602-1674) acted as a pre-compression chamber. These young women are visibly shrinking.
We enter the final chamber, a room filled with paintings by Charles Le Brun (1619-1690).
Either the ceiling has gotten a lot higher and the paintings a lot bigger or we have become physically  smaller.
I look at Bill. I look at the room.
We've gotten smaller.
It's fun to be small.
 A backward glance. One new very small person in the Le Brun room.
We decompressed in the next room. Jean Restout's The Pentecost, 1732, is a nice touch here.
Also appropriate for re-entry -- Restout's Orpheus in the Underworld Reclaiming Eurydice, 1763.
Further on some 18th century landscapes helped coax us back to human size.


  1. Very fun photo series! The Louvre can be overwhelming. It's important not to let one feel rushed. Those paintings are HUGE!

  2. Definitely of the big is better school, Lisa!