Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Birthday Lunch at Le Bougnat

Monday was my birthday so John took me to Le Bougnat for lunch. It is one of my favourite restaurants in Paris.
We were disappointed to find it closed but that did give me a chance to take this shot of the image on their shutter. By the way, a bougnat is a coal merchant.
When we went back the next day the brasserie had just opened.
The dining room was empty. It soon filled up.
Here is the day's menu. Le Bougnat specializes in Aveyronnaise-Aligot-Truffade cuisine. Got that? This cuisine originates in the L'Aubrec region of the southern Massif Central of France.
The birthday-boy is waiting to be served.
John tucked in his napkin and my meal arrived.
I had the Saucisse Aligot, a regional specialty: sausage cooked with mashed potatoes mixed with cheese and garlic -- utter bliss.
John wanted vegetables so he ordered a favourite from our last trip -- a salad of mixed greens, potato, beets, carrot, tomato and avocado. 
We shared a tarte de poire (pear) for desesert.
Sighing with satisfaction we waited for our espresso.
Our charming host had us sign their guest book. I drew a little portrait of him as he looked on. We'll be back.


  1. That tarte de poire looks beautiful indeed.
    Glad you had the appropriate birthday lunch!
    Aveyronnaise-Aligot-Truffade is quite the mouthful.

  2. Your meal looks so appealing. Happy belated birthday, John.