Saturday, December 2, 2017


Bill and I went to look at William Kentridge's murals on the Tiber embankment. We wrote about them last year. They are holding up pretty well. As we looked a local jogged into the frame.
Near the Campo dei Fiori I took a picture of this mechanic
I turned and found I was being observed by some passing nuns.
A few steps later this interesting delivery person passed us on his bike.
This guy emerged from a doorway and walked ahead of us on his way to pick up a package.
All of Rome continues to be a construction site.
This Dominican (?) is making short work of the stairs leading up to the Capitoline Museum.
A dashing segway tour guide passed us near the fountain of the Ara Pacis.
Always fun to see the unflappable poise of the carabinieri,
even when it verges on the comic.
At MAXXI Bill caught a documentary photoshoot in process.
A shop keeper in a classic Roman shop space.
We went to Teichner for our coffee. Someone on the patio must have asked for a mojito.
Some of the best coffee in Rome. Near the foot of the Via Condotti in the Piazza di San Lorenzo in Lucina (a name I am determined to learn to remember).
This street musician had a wonderful sound. What is that he's playing?
Great family group at our beloved Augusto trattoria in Trastevere.
Fresh tuna steak at the Trionfale Market.
Rome has a great cast of characters all set off by dramatic lighting design.
The patio of Il Piccolo is a ringside seat on both.
Room for one last Roman to whizz through the camera frame.
Arrividerci Romans!

Here is a bonus picture: tourist or Roman? We can't decide. Love his clothes sense -- nice when people make an effort.