Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Good Roman Food at Da Gino

We posted about this wonderful Roman restaurant in 2013 when Gino was still with us and most recently in 2016. No trip to Rome would be complete for us without a visit or two to Da Gino.
The restaurant is still run by Gino's two children. Here's Carla at the cash desk with one of the chefs
 and Fabrizio with a customer.
 Bill started with a plate of gnocchi in tomato sauce,
 sprinkled with parmesan cheese
 I had a plate of risotto
 made with shrimp and zucchini flowers.
 We saw some other customers being served this lively looking salad, and were told it was a Roman staple: garlic scapes with an anchovy sauce. We split a serving with our meat course.
 Bill had the classic Roman oxtail
And I had meatballs with a little surprise -- stuffed zucchini. Imagine this all washed down with sparkling water and white wine. 


  1. I think of garlic shapes as a spring green - so interesting to see it being served now. Looks like a really tasty dish!
    So glad you could get back to Da Gino.
    Your readers need the update so we can vicariously enjoy your lunch!