Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Sean Scully at Cheim & Read

Cheim & Read's Sean Scully show was high on our list of exhibitions to see in Chelsea last week.
In the big front room they had installed Blue Note (2016). If you don't know Scully's paintings this is a typically gorgeous example -- constructed from separately painted panels (oil and acrylic spray on aluminum).
These drawings were new to us. We haven't seen the third dimension in his work before. Wall of Light Cubed 9.20.15 (2015)
Brown Silver Tower (2016) -- pleasantly calm and self-contained.
But the surprise of the show was in the back room.
Colored Stacked Frames, new this year.
Automotive paint on stainless steel. Magnificent.
Stack 5.5.16 (2016) -- watercolour study for the sculpture?
Gallery staff were so friendly we felt comfortable asking questions. Altogether an energizing experience. More info at gallery exhibition page. Until May 20th.

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