Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ydessa Hendeles at Barbara Edwards

Yesterday Bill and I visited the new Ydessa Hendeles exhibition, Death to Pigs, at the Barbara Edwards Gallery. The show includes a painting, some photographs of objects from the artist's collection and some found objects.
There is always more than meets the eye at a Hendeles show so be sure to pick up a copy of the helpful notebook.
From the book: "... because I take elements from outside the arena of contemporary art, I provide 'Notes' that contain all a thoughtful viewer needs to experience the works without being a connoisseur in the various disciplines represented in the components of my work."

Because photography is not allowed at this show the gallery staff sent us the photos below by Robert Keziere for us to use in this blog post. All artworks 2015.

 We were drawn to Prize, -- a wooden Anatomical Teaching Model of a Domestic Sow, German, ca. 1930, a child's table and a charming Victorian painting Farmer with Prize Pig (English Naïve School), ca. 1860. Gallery staff will allow you a peek at the pig from behind.

 Some of the photos Keziere made for the artist hang in themed groups. Above, Hope (a wind-up tin toy of a butcher riding a cart pulled by a pig) and Nose (clockwork bell in the form of a pig, two clockwork pigs and a terracotta sow from a Neapolitan crèche).

Don't miss the video called Three Little Pigs. There is only one pair of headphones to ensure an immersive experience for each single viewer
I'm glad I watched the video without first reading the notes (do read them later). I was quite unprepared for what I saw and heard. Afterward I looked at the rest of the show with new eyes.

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