Thursday, September 1, 2016

Angelo Feroci: Temple of Food

In the centre of the historic centre of Rome
is a magical butcher shop and delicatessen
called Angelo Feroci
It is a temple of fine food.
Every time Bill and I passed its stunning window displays
I took a picture
as if in a dream of...
cabbage rolls
eggplant bundles 
stuffed roasted peppers
Scottadito "Burned Fingers" of lamb
eggplant with anchovy rings
 baby eggplant with basil and cheese
 marinated veal fillets
skewers of beef tenderloin 
and tenderloin with bacon. Buon appetito!


  1. Gorgeous shop with all the marble and food arranged like works of art.

  2. It was truly dazzling, Shelley. Every day!

  3. Italians really value food. The care & love of food shows in this gorgeous place. I also love the marble. Makes me want to go back. Thanks for sharing.