Thursday, June 16, 2016

Olivier Roller at Palazzo Altemps

Bill and I discovered the Spazio Nuovo gallery last week. We were impressed with the superb photography on display and the owner invited us to the opening of their next photo show this week at one of Rome's museums of classical sculpture.
The Palazzo Altemps was an inspired choice for the opening not only because it is an outstanding space in itself but because the photographer, Olivier Roller, had taken photographs of some of the statues in the permanent collection.
The main reception was held under an enormous oculus
above the courtyard of the museum.
 As Bill and I gazed down at the crowd in the courtyard
 drinking our prosecco
 we thought that Spazio Nuovo Roma Contemporary Art certainly knows how to put on a party.
We were thrilled to attend one of the most glamorous events of the Roman art season.
  It was fun to see Roller's photographs beside or near the original sculptures.
The photographs were beautifully mounted and lit.
They also showed some of Roller's portraits. Fun too see a portrait of one of our adult role models:  Jeanne Moreau.  
Bill and I also had fun watching the crowd. 
Have a better look at Roller's photographs on the gallery's website.

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