Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Little Roman Market

John and I love to shop for groceries at a local family-run market in the Piazza delle Coppelle, Antica Frutteria Delle Coppelle.
We consider it to be "our market".
It is run by the Giammatteo family. Front and centre is the gregarious Marco.
The market sells fresh vegetables, fruit, flowers, eggs, olive oil and mozzarella cheese
and is always bustling with local shoppers. 
Let's meet the family -- starting with Marco's father 
 and his charming mother who always has fresh strawberries ready for us.
 Then there is his sister
and her husband. Everyone is always busy handling and preparing produce or attending to customers. 
We've been enjoying the sweet cherries
 and lush spinach
 and only wish we had the cooking facilities to deep-fry the zucchini blossoms.
 We enjoy the local lemons.
 Broccolini has been appearing in the menus of local restaurants.
 There are always tubs of clean water refreshing the veggies and herbs.
Signora Giammatteo letting a customer smell her fresh flowers.
Such a welcoming place to start the day! 


  1. Everything looks so fresh and delicious! What a lovely marketplace. Oh... those zucchini flowers... wow! Absolutely wonderful... I can almost taste them.

  2. Nice people, fresh fruits and veg - the best combination anywhere. You can fry up the zucchini blossoms with onion, celery, garlic etc. and add to pasta or risotto, very tasty.

  3. Thanks for chiming in Q and Shelley. Shall try your suggestion Shelley! Would be doable on our stove top.

  4. You could also make a raw appetizer of the blossoms - stuff them with a soft cheese and halved olives? or sun-dried tomatoes instead of olives?
    Would be nice for apertivo hour.

  5. These have been my favourite food photos yet.
    I'm dreaming of harvesting such produce. The gardens here are going gangbusters with all this heat. Love the look of Marco's mom and he's pretty cute too!

  6. Again thanks for the comments and zucchini flower recipes everyone! You'd love this market and the Giammatteo family, Nancy. Glad to here your garden plot is flourishing!