Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lunch at Alfredo and Ada

Bill and I have been exploring the area west of the Piazza Navona --a tangle of streets with some great bars and restaurants. 
 Bill's research in David Downie's indispensable guide Food Wine Rome led us to Alfredo e Ada -- a small room with great food at modest prices.
 We got there at the stroke of noon, early by Italian standards, and were welcomed and seated in the still empty room. Our waiter recited the choices of the day, we ordered and then the magic arrived.
In Italy be on the watch for the word involtino -- a cut of meat, stuffed and tied before roasting. This is my involtino pollo -- a chicken breast stuffed with bread crumbs, mushrooms and cheese.
 I had it with a side of potatoes roasted with rosemary.
 Bill had the baked cod in tomato sauce
 with a side of zucchini.
 Time to dig in.
 I cut into my involtino. The breadcrumbs hold it all together. That gravy was delicious.
By now the place was filling up. At the request of the new guests at the next table she recited the menu in Spanish.
Our waiter asked these late arrivals if they would like some wine while they waited outside for a table.  Is this not the very picture of civilization?


  1. Your food selections and descriptions make me so hungry. I love the offering of wine while the customer waits outside. So civilized.

  2. We hope to eat our way through their menu, Linda -- the place left us with such a good feeling.