Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Kensington Market Winter Solstice Parade

John and I have missed all the Winter Solstice celebrations in Kensington Market so despite the drizzle on the night, we were determined to get there this year. 
We were beguiled by this collection of clowns singing an satirical version of The Twelve Days of Christmas on Augusta Avenue.
Kensington Avenue had some wonderful shadow-puppet theatres. Some of the kids in the audience got a chance to go backstage
and help put on the puppet show.
Other theatres lined the street.
Lantern bearers mixed with the crowd.
These young thespians were in full performance mode. The green knight sang an exhortation to dance and sing in celebration of the new year.
My favourite group was this screeching chorus of hags singing songs about longing for love. 
Great fun!  We'll definitely try to return next year!


  1. So fun! I love those jellyfish & fox lanterns. I'll be sure to go next year, maybe the weather will be more like winter next year.

  2. Indeed such fun; thank you for sharing and happy holidays!

  3. We're so happy to have finally been to the event. We'll definitely go again too.

  4. Thanks guys! (I always used wintry weather as an excuse not go ;)

  5. Wow - that looks delightful. I love the look of the shadow puppet theatre. I'll definitely put it on my calendar for next year. Thanks for showcasing it!

  6. You didn't have that excuse this year, Potch! Drizzle! Q, let's go together next year. I'll try to research times etc better then. We could go in a group! An art-gang.

  7. what is going on with you folks? Abandonment for I; that is fine; TKW likes me not either; I mean the other posts that I follow don't always know of what they follow. take care in 2016 months now into it.

  8. Hi Ainee, Thanks for writing. Things always slow down for us in the winter. I have some ideas for a few new posts but we probably won't be posting much until the spring. We'll be in Rome for all of May and June so you may see daily posts from the Eternal City. Sincerely, John