Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ancient Egypt Transformed at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a world famous permanent collection of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts so Bill and I were surprised to come upon a special exhibition devoted to the subject.
"Ancient Egypt Transformed" is a thrilling, superbly curated show of artifacts from the Met's collection and from 37 other lenders.
We were instantly caught by this Relief of Nebhepetre Muntuhotep II and the Goddess Hathor. Limestone, paint, plaster ca. 2010-2000 B.C.
Love the painting and carving of these hieroglyphs.
Anubis the jackal god from the Lintel of Amenemhat I and Deities, painted limestone, ca 1981-1952 B.C.
Colossal Head of Senwosret I. Limestone, paint. ca. 1961-1917 B.C., with an admirer.
Relief of Seankhkare Mentuhotep III and the Goddess Iunyt. Limestone. ca. 2000-1988 B.C.
Statue of the Priest Amenemhatankh. Quartzite. ca. 1895-1813 B.C.
He is a priest of the crocodile god Sobek and the creator god Ptah-Sokar.
I've taken pictures of William Kimber striding that look much like this rushing figure of Senwosret I Running towerd the God Min. Limestone. ca. 1961-1917 B.C.
Stele of the Trustworthy Sealer Seneb, Limestone, c 1878-1749 BC. What superb design and images.
Relief of a Priest and Offerings. Limestone, paint. ca. 2051-2013 B.C. The colours throughout this show are stunningly rich.
Reliefs from the Chapel of the Overseer of the Troops Sehetepibre. Limestone, paint. 1802-1650 B.C.
Stele of Khetyand his Wife, Henet. Painted limestone, ca 1981-1917 BC
Canopic Jars of Nebsen and Senwosret. Limestone. ca. 1919-1878 B.C.
Head of a statue of Amenemhat III wearing the White Crown c 1859-1813 B.C.
Bill noticed this wonderful wooden model sculpture of calving in progress.
Bill also caught this amazing wooden Model of a Hunting Party. So many people for such a light craft but the promised afterlife hunt certainly seems like a success.
Model Sail Boat, 1981-1975 B.C., Thebes, Middle Kingdom. These models are much bigger than most we've seen in museum collections.
Model Paddling Boat1981-1975 B.C., Thebes, Middle Kingdom
Head of a Statue of the God Sobek Shedeti. Limestone, plaster restoration. ca. 1859-1813 B.C. 
Head of the Statue of a Bovine Deity. Limestone. ca. 1961-1917 B.C.  Ancient Egypt Transformed: The Middle Kingdom is a must see show and  continues until January 2016.


  1. Fabulous array of wonder from so long ago.

  2. It was truly a special collection of Middle Kingdom objects, Shelley. It took us both by surprise.