Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Madsen Hangs Some Shelves

We invited friend and local factotum Zack Madsen to hang some shelves for us tonight.
 Zack declined Bill's offer of help.
 The wooden shelves we'd bought from IKEA went up quickly.
Masden put them fourteen inches apart for our collection of 70's and 80's vinyl albums. 
We're so happy with the results.
Then we relaxed on the balcony. We could admire our fabulous new shelves.
Thanks, Zack Madsen. (Contact info available.)


  1. it's a great feeling when those household tasks get done!
    The shelves look just right.
    Enjoy the long weekend,

  2. Yes, a great feeling, Lisa. We feel that these shelves have always been here altho we haven't really done the rail display for record albums since the 80's!
    And yes, Zak is the king, Shelley!

  3. True enough, jeffrey. He's a handsome fellow.