Sunday, June 14, 2015

Gardens of Versailles

 When John and I arrived at the Palace of Versailles last Wednesday we were struck by the gleam of the gates in the distance.
Obviously they have just been re-gilded.
We slipped around the side of the Palace and into the gardens behind.
We love the 17th century formal gardens, water features and statuary of the grounds.
 It's easy to imagine Louis the 14th's court sauntering here
 and flirting in the maze of passageways.
None of the fountains like the Apollo group were gushing during our visit
 We took a lunch of cheese and tomato baguette sandwiches and almond croissants to eat at the edge of the Grand Canal.
Afterwards we relaxed in the serene setting with a carp leaping in the water nearby.
 We find that the exterior of the Grand Trianon is more interesting than the interior.
 The surrounding gardens are more to our taste.
We do like the exterior of the Petit Trianon
and it's stables.
 Unlike the main buildings, the gardens are free to all and there are no line-ups.