Saturday, May 23, 2015

Carlotta Darò book launch: Les Murs Du Son

Last night William Kimber and I went to the launch of Carlotta Darò's Le Murs Du Son: Le Poème électronique au Pavillon Philips
at the Parisian architectural bookstore Librarie Volume 
 Le Murs Du Son is a book length treatment of the Philips Pavilion at Expo '58 in Brussels designed by Le Corbusier with sound installations by Edgar Varèse and Iannis Xenakis.
 It is Darò's second book on music and architecture, after last year's Avant-gardes sonores en architecture, also published in Paris.
 She and her publisher, Nikola Jankovic, spoke briefly at the launch.
Éditions B2 is known for their series of small books on architectural history and theory,
designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Bill and I had known of Carlotta as the daughter of our hosts in Paris, so it was nice to finally meet her.
Carlotta Darò (right), posing for us with her cousin, is an art historian and teacher at Paris-Malaquais school of architecture in Paris.

* * *
If you are curious about the Poème électronique by Edgar Varèse, you might enjoy this five minute documentary. Although it was originally realized as a tape by Varese himself, we were interested to see it has recently been performed in concert.


  1. It was wonderful, Shelley. Carlotta is lovely, bright and welcoming. She used to teach at McGill and we met a cool friend of hers from the Centre of Canadian Architecture at the launch. Made us feel like we were really experiencing Paris cultural life.