Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Chelsea Galleries, May 2014, NYC

 On a Saturday last October in New York City, John and I spent a lovely day visiting the galleries of the Chelsea neighbourhood. 
We started at the Mary Boone Gallery
Jacob Hashimoto was showing his amazing Skyfarm Fortress.
The huge intricate installation was made up of innumerable pieces of Japanese paper.
Also of note was the show of photos, Decadal Variations, on display at Andrea Meislin Gallery.
We were inspired by Ilit Azoulay's Room #8, 2011. Our new printer would be able to produce a similar "long" image. 
Some details.
I liked this pregnant lady in front of Barry Frydiender's Blessing, 2006.
As usual, gallery visitors like these young art students are often as interesting as the art on display.
John and other visitors enjoy photographs by Jean-Luc Mylanyne.
Scurrying staff at the Bruce Silverstein Gallery. That's an Eileen Neff piece in the foreground.
I was fascinated by this installation of an airport security point make entirely of wood. 
We were excited to see new Tomma Abts paintings at David Zwirner. We first discovered the British painter at the Younger than Christ show at the New Museum a few years ago. Here we see Oijen, 2014.
This is Ihne, 2013.
and this is Oke, 2013.  John and I are both amazed that Abts apparently just makes an initial marking on the canvas and lets the piece develop spontaneously. They look so planned!
Finally we visited the Shchukin Gallery to see In other Worlds: The Art of the Russian Avant-Garde, 1910-1930. A wonderful selection from the Collection of Marina and Nikolay Shchuin. Above is Mikhail Larionov's Eastern Motif (Constantinople Dogs).
Here's a detail of the howling dog.
This is Aleksie Kruchenykh's Untitled (Collage), ca 1915.
We recently watched a documentary about Kazimir Malevich and Russian Suprematism. Pictured above is Suprematism with a purple oval, ca 1928/29.
Here's a detail of the painting.
The gallery is surprisingly large because of its lower level extension. 
Down there we found Alexandra Exter's constructivist City, 1911
Still Life with Violin in an Oval, Liubov Popova. More Constuctivism.
At last we climbed the steps back to the street.
And so our gallery crawl ended at Frank Gehry's IAC Bldg (2007) at West 18th St and 11th Ave. A perfect ending to a perfect afternoon!


  1. I admired that Gehry building from the HighLine a couple of years ago. Very beautiful. Keep up the good blogging. I think i'm addicted. ;-)

  2. Thanks, Jeffrey. Glad you're enjoying our blog. We're just putting together some photos of our visit to the last show of the old Whitney Museum, the Jeff Koons Retrospective.
    The view of Gehry's building really is great from the High Line, isn't it?

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