Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Huguenot Weaver Streets, London

In Spitalfields between Brick Lane and Commercial Street run 18th century row houses
 that once belonged to Huguenot immigrants who set up silk weaving studios in the well-lit attic floors.
 You can see the attic floors with their windows
on the north side of Fournier Street.
 The shop ground floors are meticulously maintained by the new owners as gentrification arrives in the area.
 John and I often passed professional photographers using the colourful streets as backdrops for photo shoots. Here's one at work at the corner of Wilkes and Fournier.
 The shutters and wooden door frames have been attracting attention for over 200 years.
 One afternoon John and I stumbled upon actors in Victorian dress awaiting their shoots on Princelet Street.
 We often slipped through these attractive streets on our way home from the subway.
 Some of the buildings are yet to be gentrified
 while others have become showrooms or architectural offices.
Any disused spaces are sure to be covered in posters and graffiti.

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