Friday, May 9, 2014

Trafalgar Square, London

On our first excursion in London, John and I arranged to meet our Toronto friend, Shelley Savor, at the National Gallery of Art to see their Veronese exhibition.

The weather forecast called for "fleeting showers" and we arrived a bit early to a dampened Trafalgar Square.

We amused ourselves by taking a few snaps around the Square.

When the museum was about to open we joined the early arrivals on the porch of the museum where we were to meet up with Shelley.

This is the famous view of the Square from the porch with dramatic skies

And there's Shelley with her orange bag!

John started a collection of his favourite faces, these by Giovanni Battista Moroni, before a museum guard told him that photos were not allowed.

I got this fun mosaic of Sir Winston defying the dragon at the museum entrance.

After some serious Art we needed to grab some serious sustenance in the National cafe; quiche and salad for John and I and roast beef with horseradish for Shelley. That's a Pig Reveller Cider that I've chosen as my beverage - so appropriate.

I love the Paula Rego murals that decorate the cafe.

Satisfied art-lovers back in the square.

Then John and Shelley and I visited the National Portrait Gallery

Before heading up Charing Cross Road to explore the bookstores.



  1. So delightful to see! Looks like you're having a wonderful time and so fun to see Shelley. It's a drag that they wouldn't let you photograph inside. Alas!
    Looking forward to more vicarious London enjoyment!

  2. Exciting stuff indeed! Seems like things are off to a very good start.
    Enjoy your vacation!
    Lisa R-R

  3. I love your way of seeing 'my' city!

  4. Thanks Q, Lisa and Maureen! We're so glad to finally get down to posting about Londontown. Have fun in the countryside with Shelley, Maureen.

  5. A perfect beginning to a wonderful vacation. Plenty of cultural stimulation here in London.

  6. It's been fun exploring it all with you Shelley!