Saturday, May 10, 2014

Today's Lunch on Brick Lane

Saturday brought many open-air food stalls to the top of our street.

We just couldn't walk by these bubbling pots of deliciousness. The aromas!

I ordered the meatball stew on rice.

Mixed with this bean stew.

Bill ordered the same (except he had lamb instead of meatballs) and we found seats in an open air bar and washed down our lunch with beer and cider.

Because our lunch was so restrained we thought we deserved a few little trifles.

From a shop that sold nothing but. We have weeks to become loyal customers.



  1. Mouthwatering! And so colourful -can't wait to see more of what you've dined on in Brick Lane.

  2. Hope we get something today, Shelley. Another market day.

  3. Great photos! Is that where my chocolates came from?

  4. That is exactly where your hostess-gift-chocolates came from, Maureen. Those ginger centred ones live in my memory!