Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Geffreye Museum

Last Sunday, John and I visited the Geffreye Museum of furniture.

It is set off of Kingsland Road in the Hoxton neighbourhood.

The museum is situated in an 18th Century Ironmongers almshouse that surrounds a peaceful, grassy courtyard that locals like to use as a park.

The almshouse founder, Sir Robert Geffrye, is commemorated above the central entrance to the Chapel.

The older part of the building houses period rooms. Here is a from a parlour of 1695.

Here is an Arts & Crafts style living room of 1898. We loved the wealth of detail and information provided to help imagine family life in each display

A covered rear porch now used as a reading room

The museum library

The Neoclassical almshouse chapel.

But most fun for us was the new addition that features 20th century decor from an Edwardian parlour to a 1990's loft apartment. Above is a display of 20th Century chairs arranged by decade.

Edwardian living room (1900-1914)

1930's arrangement (1930-1939)

Mid-Century living room (1955-1965)

1990's loft decor (1990-2000). We highly recommend a visit!



  1. Love all the chairs. I'll be in the parlour and then the reading room for the rest of the day.

  2. I'll join you there in a moment, Love!