Friday, May 30, 2014

Natural History Museum

Bill and I visited London's Natural History Museum last week.

We went in through the Exhibition Road entrance.

When I saw that escalator I said we have to go up there.

It was fun passing through the molten core of the earth, but when we got there we were disappointed by the displays. They were all text and photographs -- nothing to take pictures of.

So let's skip all that and enter again from the Cromwell Road. Now that's a museum!

Here's the Central Hall from the other side. It's a stunner.

Then we found the hall of marine mammals.

Wow -- it was really crowded. Lovely. But hard to get a picture.

We quickly tired of the museum's attempts to teach us something every two steps.

Some of us just like to look.

So here are some birds. Yes, those are Dodos at the bottom. Even I know that.

Then we found the other mammals.

You can't take a bad picture of a mammal. Bill says this one was the assumed ancestor of our whales. He's still reading the labels.



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