Monday, May 19, 2014

Geffrye Museum Period Gardens

John and I loved the Geoffrye garden "rooms" behind the museum.

The rooms begin with a classic walled Herb Garden of the type that has been popular since Medieval times

Featuring comfortable, covered seating and raised plots of herbs used in medicinal, dying and culinary uses for a household.

In the culinary plot John was surprised to find that the common chive is related to the Giant Allium so popular in modern flower gardens.

The next "room" was the Elizabethan garden featuring a knot garden of short shrubs.

A topiary hedge separated the next room, an 18th Century planting overlooked by the almshouse garden reading room.

Next was the Victorian Garden with its formal plant plots and glass and iron green house, potting shed.

John couldn't resist taking some shots of the potted plants within it.

And what would a Victorian garden be without some opulent Calla lilies.

Last of the rooms was an lush Edwardian garden with a stone entrance gate. This room reminded me of the garden architecture of Edwin Lutyens and his famous collaborator and gardener, Gertrude Jekyll.

I couldn't resist shooting the mass of plants that will not yet sprouted let alone come into bloom back home in Canada.

A visit to this lovely series of garden rooms is a must for anyone with a love for growing or just admiring plantlife.



  1. A flower theatre - wonderful!!

  2. Isn't it? The English know how to have fun in the garden.