Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Delicious, inexpensive, Korean lunch in Soho

Bill and I read about the Bi Bim Bap in "Top 100 Cheap Eats London". You'll find it at 11 Greek Street in London's Soho.

I ordered the Dol Sot -- their signature dish. I had it with a fried egg on top and brown rice below.

Bill had the Chili Chicken, with a raw egg.

Here's a closer look.

Both dishes came in extremely hot bowls. The food continue to cook as you mix it all together.

We went back today for our second meal there. High value for your pound sterling.



  1. You both look so relaxed on vacation!
    thanks for the photos
    Lisa R-R

  2. More related by the day, Lisa! And definitely delish, Rare cat!