Monday, May 26, 2014

Baselitz at the British Museum

Johnny and I recently visited the Drawings and Prints Gallery at the British Museum to see a show of the early work of Georg Baselitz and other German artists who grew up and developed before the fall of the Berlin Wall

That is Baselitz' woodcut "Eagle", 1981-82, on the left and A. R. Penck's woodcut "Night Vision", 1982, on the right. We know of these artists and we welcomed a chance to see more of their work.

Georg Baseliz, "Untitled", ink and wash, c.1965. John and I were fascinated by these creatures.

Georg Baselitz, "Untitled", charcoal drawing,1965.

Georg Baselitz, "A New Type", drawing, charcoal,gouache wash and pastel, 1965. According to the wall text, Baselitz early creatures lead to this human military figure that seems to be a precursor of his "Heroes" prints of the 1970s.

Georg Baselitz, "A New Type", about 1965. Wall text below.

Georg Baselitz, "A New Type", grey and yellow ochre watercolour, 1965.

Georg Baselitz, "Trap", etching, 1965.

Georg Baselitz, "Partisan", 1965. The Heroes series presents many dark visions similar to this this surrendering soldier.

Georg Baselitz, "Divided figure with outstretched arms", ink wash and graphite, c. 1965.

Georg Baselitz, "Untitled", single-block woodcut, 1966.

Georg Baselitz, "Seated Male Nude", charcoal with grey, green and grey wash, 1976. Bazelitz did a number of these upside down figures. Interesting.

Gerard Richter, "Pedal Boat Riders", graphite, 1965. John and I liked these early Richters. We hadn't seen them before.

Gerard Richter, "Untitled", watercolour, (2.1.1978). We liked this watercolour particularly.

John with Blinky Palermo's "Portfolio of 4 Prototype", screen prints, 1970.

Blinky Palermo, "Untitled", 1968 and "Untitled", 1969. Studies toward the grey "Prototype" on the left, above.

Blinky Palermo, "Untitled", 1969. Wall text below.

Markus Lupertz, "Untitled", 1972, graphite and coloured pencil. John and I had never seen work by Lupertz before. Interesting.

Markus Lupertz, "Monument-dithyrambic", 1976, gouache, ink and oil pastel.

A.R. Penck, "Untitled", 1967, watercolour and gold and silver paint. We know of Penck, but haven't seen much of his work. We liked these a lot.

A.R. Penck, "Untitled (self-portrait)", 1975, ink

A. R. Penck, "Untitled", c.1981, gouache.

All in all, we were inspired by this collection. We came back for a second look today. John had been particularly haunted by Baselitz' troubled giants. I think this group of German artists continues to inspire new generations. That's why these works look so contemporary today.



  1. Of course they still inspire artists today. I'm a lot of inspired by baselitz. And read a lot about penck and immendorf.

  2. Agreed BKA, Baselitz and his contemporaries are very inspiring!