Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A visit to Westminster

John and I decided that as good visitors to London we really should pay homage to its biggest tourist centre.

It was overcast and threatening to rain when we arrived at the Westminister Tube Station and ascended to the Westminister Pier with a view of the London Eye across the Thames.

We immediately walked out onto the crowded bridge, where John caught me taking my shot of Big Ben.

We agreed that it appeared that Queen Boudicca was offering Hop-on Hop-off Tours on her chariot! I'm sure it would be memorable!

I took this shot of the south towers of the Houses of Parliament on our way to Westminister Abbey. I don't believe I was making a comment on the present government -- or was I?

Ah, here is the front of the Abbey in all of its Flambouyant Gothic splendour! It was closed this morning for a special ceremony.

Even our attempt to slip in for a peek at the Abbey Cloisters through the Dean's Yard of the Westminister School was thwarted by the same event. No riff-raff allowed.

So with a final glance back at the East end of the Abbey we headed off to a nearby cafe that we'd read about for lunch. One tourist Mecca down.


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