Monday, March 31, 2014

Toy Theatre at Gladstone Ballroom

Bill and I went to the Toronto Storytelling Festival today to see our puppeteer friends, Mariella Bertelli and Mary Anne Cree perform as Toy Theatre.
We got to the Gladstone Hotel as a member of In The Kitchen was telling the story of The Gingerbread Man. Our storyteller lamented the Gingerbread Man climbing up on the fox's back, but reminded us, "He's only a cookie. What does he know?"
Next up were Mariella and Mary Anne, aka Toy Theatre, to perform Cinderella, or, The Tiny Shoe. 
When we meet Cinderella, she is the household slave of her ugly stepmother and two ugly stepsisters.
One ugly stepsister says, "Cinderella, make me a gown for the Ball and make it now!" 
 Cinderella says, "It would be my pleasure dear step-sister."
 Her mother and her stepsisters say, "Cinderella, we're off to the Ball in the beautiful gowns you made us. Too bad you can't go because you have nothing to wear."
 Cinderella says, "I wish I had something to wear to the Ball."
Cinderella's fairy godmother appears and says, "Cinderella, you will go to the Ball in a beautiful dress and in a magic coach."
Cinderella goes to the Ball in her magic coach.
 Her mother and sisters have arrived at the Ball and, oh my dear, are they making an impression!
 The Prince sees Cinderella at the Ball and wants to marry her.
At midnight, Cinderella, runs from the Ball, before her magic evaporates. The Prince runs after her but finds only one shoe. He travels across the kingdom looking for a girl whose foot will fit the shoe.
"Could the shoe fit you? Sorry, Sir. Of course not."
 The Prince finds Cinderella.
 The End. Thank you, Toy Theatre.


  1. Storytelling is great at all ages. I'll always love Cinderella. Looks like it was a fabulous performance.

  2. It really was lots of fun, Shelley. You must see Mariella and MAC in performance one day!